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Theme culture: United, with our own hands to change our own destiny! Strive to create and build our beautiful home, so that all the middle class people live a happy and happy life. Creating social benefits by providing jobs for more people; by actively paying taxes for the country's contribution to the construction of the building.

Enterprise vision: a famous brand, the first class, a century albert.

Development strategy: the famous national health medicine manufacturers.

Business philosophy: the enterprises to build a harmonious, progressive, honest, forthright, always trusted, employees, society and customers love the outstanding groups. Through win-win with customers, so that customer satisfaction, so that customers in cooperation with us to maximize the benefits of the way, stable and rapid development and growth of enterprises, leading the market in the competition.

Enterprise spirit: independent, make efforts, defeat, win without pride, courage to face any hardships and dangers. The courage to take responsibility, the courage to face their own and completely change their own mistakes.
Enterprise values: the enterprise must develop, the enterprise must strive to create economic and social benefits, and strive to explore the scientific development of high efficiency and low cost, and promote the revitalization of the national industry. Production products also produce excellent people, but also the first production of excellent people. Business is the life of the middle class. To strive to become the pillar of the country and the nation.

Moral: honor your father and your mother, law-abiding, dedication, loyal to the enterprises, honest and trustworthy, mutual respect and mutual love, magnanimous and honest, be practical and realistic, on the wrong things, words in the face.
Collectivism thought: only through the group to get their own success and development, so the success of the enterprise is the only way to realize the self and the development of the material and spiritual benefits of the double harvest. Every employee has the right to enjoy the spring of the group, but also for enterprises to contribute to the obligations and responsibilities of the spring.

People this idea: the correct goal and the direction once confirmed, the human factor has become the decisive factor. No one will have no success and development of the middle class, so people are the most important wealth of the middle class. People oriented in order to map the industry.
The idea of knowledge: only to study hard won't be eliminated, to create a learning oriented enterprises is an important way of sustainable development.

Management idea: start small, everything was tubes, from pay attention to important points, establish the overall concept. Clear division of labor, both relatively independent and close collaboration. The middle company is no small matter, big in small, small in the big, all the little things to deal with, brilliant natural generation.

Quality concept: quality is the life of enterprise, no quality based products will be not worth a hair.

Discipline and order: discipline is the guarantee of enterprise, chaos will accomplish nothing.

Security awareness: no security, the existence of the enterprise will lose its meaning. There is no security, there is no development, there is no success and failure. Therefore, the safety management regulations in the company's rules and regulations are the most important, in the safety management regulations, the most important safety regulations.

Service concept: no customer recognition and satisfaction, there is no survival and development of our. Therefore, for the customer service is only a way to achieve self-development and growth of the company. So do a good job of service for the user is the only correct choice.
Sense of competition: not afraid of competition, exhibit a spirit of middle - class people, love to compete is because only in the competition to physical fitness; to actively participate in the competition is because only in the competition to learn excellent and practical knowledge and experience. And only can withstand the competition, the enterprise can be long. No competition, no development!

Team spirit: the enterprise is a flesh and blood, independent personality, independent thinking is an organic whole, and not a number of additions rabble! To play the advantages of the group must clear objectives, unity in thought and understanding, brainstorming, a heart to think, an effort to make, solidarity to move forward, invincible, invincible. This is an important guarantee for the success of the middle class.

Sense of crisis: Ju Wei Si, forever competition intense, the market is always evil billow monstrous, always dangerous, always full of all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, so we must always remain sober minded, hard to find, grasp and apply to reach the success of the other side sound straategy. To manage our business the boat of life!

Sense of responsibility and attitude: due to the complexity of the real problems and the reasons for the diversity and variability, we will inevitably make some mistakes. In addition to the principle of the problem can not be wrong, we have to bear the responsibility of other errors, everything from their own, from the subjective to find the reason, this is the only correct in the face of the wrong is also very difficult to do.

Natural environment consciousness: the natural environment is an important condition for the survival and development of human beings. Therefore, caring for the environment is the obligation and responsibility of every citizen. At the same time, as the company's staff is also a basic quality of the performance of a person. To cherish the environment is to protect ourselves.

Organizational Environmental Awareness: no organization, orderly and healthy operation of the enterprise or individual success, strict compliance with organizational discipline, improve the organization of environmental awareness, but also an important condition for our success.
Economy environment consciousness: all the units and individuals that have dealings with us are the economic environment of our survival and development, so we should take care of them more! To be sincere, warm, and sincere, with all the people or groups of people who have to and from our friends